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InetSolution provides SSAE 16 audited compliant website hosting for banks.

Unique Services for Banks
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Bank Website Services

We recognize the unique security, due diligence, and uptime requirements that financial institution managers face when choosing a website hosting partner. Over the past 20+ years, bank managers have recognized us as bank hosting experts because of the unique services that we provide to them.

Website Record Retention Service

Banks are required to retain copies of their website disclosures for up to two years. To simplify this process, InetSolution provides a Website Record Retention Service (WRRS) to capture a screenshot of every page in your website on a scheduled basis. We can deliver the files to you so that you can store them for the two year period or we can store them for you.

For more information, visit the WRRS page at InetSolution.

WordPress Hardening

We provide unique a unique security hardening solution for financial institutions using WordPress to help mitigate the risks that are so common in WordPress websites. Learn more about our WordPress hosting for financial institutions.

Vulnerability Scanning & Mitigation

We perform routine third-party vulnerability assessments on our hosting network to quickly identify and fix new security risks as soon as they're discovered. We also extend these services to our clients to provide vulnerability detection & assessment services to banks that host their websites in our network. 

Website Code Modification Protection

Phishing, defacement and malicious code injection are serious threats facing bank websites. If a hacker modifies your website code without your knowledge, he could easily steal enormous amounts of member data and it may be months before you discover it. Our File Change Notification service, available on shared and dedicated plans, alerts you via email any time code changes occur on your website. Whether you, your developer or a hacker made the change, you'll receive instant notification so that you can proactively monitor changes to your website.

Due Diligence

To get your I.T. security auditors out of your hair quickly, in February each year we publish a Website Hosting Security Auditor's Report that describes our patch management, physical access control, network access control, vulnerability testing, backup, disaster recovery and overall security processes. Auditors love this!


Our uptime average is 99.99%, which means your site will be available whenever your visitors need it. We understand that your website is usually your gateway to online banking, bill payment and other critical services your members depend on. We plan all routine maintenance for off-peak periods, typically on weekends between midnight and 5:00 a.m. As part of our standard hosting plans, we monitor your website 24/7/365 to ensure that it's always available. If there is a problem, we know about it within seconds so that we can immediately begin work to correct any issues.

Hardened Web Security

We've purpose-built a hosting infrastructure with security as the foundation and focal point. We work exclusively with organizations that need high security, fully managed hosting for their websites. Since we do not have to support millions of websites with widely varying security needs, we can employ security best practices that minimize the vulnerabilities present in most hosting operations. Through extensive use of firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, operating system hardening, and website code reviews, we're able to significantly reduce the attack surface area of websites residing in our network.

Source Control Services

Virtually all bank websites are built and maintained without any source control system in place. Without source control, it makes it excruciatingly difficult to track changes to your website's code base & static content. Not only do your auditors dislike this, but it also increases the costs to maintain your website, especially if your site is large or you have multiple developers working on it.

With our Git source control hosting, you can easily track every change to your website's code base, who made it, when it was made and even see the before & after differences with one click. If you're not using source control for your website code, you're exposing yourself to unnecessary risk.

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